Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It begins...

I arrived in London a week ago. I was interviewed at the border for over a half an hour about my intentions while in the country. It was not the best interview, but she was a nice lady. She didn't think I was funny though.
The bus station is attached to the airport. So, I walked over and bought myself some breakfast. It was an egg and bacon sandwich. The first thing I did was throw away the bacon. It looked like they thought about cooking it...........but, then gave up and hoped no one would notice.
The bus ride was interesting. The driver was from Wales. He had a really thick accent. So, the woman sitting across from me would ask me what he said at every stop. She even woke me up twice. I will admit that I cheated a few times.....just looked out the window and found a city sign.....
Navin was waiting for me at the bus stop. His smile could have lit up Las Vegas. It felt like coming home.
I haven't taken many pictures yet. I have to admit, I've loved walking through town like I live here. Although, I do NOT love how steep the hills are....my knees are angry. (Maybe I'll have buns of steel though)
I took some pictures of Swansea Castle yesterday. You can't go inside though. But, this weekend we are going to see a few that you can tour. I'm very excited.
I will start posting pics soon! Keep an eye out for a new album on Facebook.

Oh, on a side note...remember when Christian Bale got taped swearing up a storm at a crew member on set? You guys, I'm not sure it is his fault anymore. EVERYONE here swears like you would not believe. For example, Navin and I were walking through the town square last week and we heard this conversation:
"What are you doing?"
"Having a smoke before I f**k off."
"Dinner tomorrow?"
"No. But, I'll ring you."
"F**king hell. What are you on about? Let's meet up for f**king dinner."
"F**k off."

By that time we had walked too far to hear more. Sometimes it makes me giggle. Sometimes I'm really surprised. I saw a few old ladies talking about getting some "good f*cking tea" the other day. Really cute little old ladies! It is funny, wrong, and funny again.....



Singletonmd said...

I am in love this F**king post. It is F**king wonderful. Have so much f**king fun out there! Yeehoo! Now, F**k off :) Love you!

Charlie Pulsipher said...

So much fun. I'm sorry the lady didn't think you were funny...something wrong with her brain maybe. I always hate that. I know I am st**king funny, so when someone doesn't get that I am be-fr**king-wildered.