Sunday, March 27, 2011

Castles and Cardiff

Today was an excellent adventure day. Navin's friend came to get us this morning and we headed toward Cardiff.
First, we went to Caerphilly Castle. It was built around 1268! One part of the castle was rebuilt around 1890...and all parts were amazing. I love history. Today was like magic for me. I will have pictures up on Facebook soon.

This place was huge! It is the second largest castle in Britain. I can't even describe the feeling.

The second castle we went to is called Castle Coch. It was a property built in the 13th century, but a family bought it in the 19th century and went all Gothic on it. It is in a little village called Tongwynlais. Yeah...say that three times fast.

Castle Coch was set up so you can see what it looked liked when the family lived there. The 3rd Marquess of Bute lived there with his wife and daughter. Bute's room was funny to me. His bed was tiny. His wife's room was upstairs...she had a bed big enough for two....but, maybe they didn't like each other. Who knows. Maybe he liked having a room next door to the privy. =)
We had a picnic outside the castle. You guys...I would have bought this place if I had the money. The area around the castle was breathtaking. I love trees. I'd like to go back when Spring really hits that area.
I would have repainted a few rooms though. Lady Bute like to decorate with creepy monkey paintings. Wait, maybe that is why Lord Bute slept downstairs! He didn't want the monkeys staring at him all night.
Navin's friend (Navin calls him Chico. Long story. His real name is Babu.) made a fantastic lunch for us. It's called Chitra-Anna. NOM NOM NOM.
Then we went to Cardiff Bay. YOU GUYS! This place is cool. It got pretty cold...cause we were by the water. But, cold doesn't bother me. You know what does bother me? People had ice cream and we didn't. Of course, that didn't last too long.
Anyway...such a wonderful day. So many wonderful adventures. So many blessings!