Friday, February 18, 2011



Moving: 14 Days
Wales: 24 Days

Second, WORDS

I like trivia. Random trivia is one of my favorite things. But, what I seem to be good at....celebrity trivia.
People will call me to ask random celebrity things! I love it.

Here's an example from yesterday:
Phone rings............
Me: Hello?
Person: Hey. Did you watch the award show on Sunday? The music one?
Me: No.
Person: Oh. I wanted to know the name of a song. An actress was singing it with a man dressed as a bird.
Me: Gwyneth Paltrow and Cee Lo Green. The song is called 'Forget You.' Well, the edited version.

The conversation went on from there, but I will spare you the details.

Example two:
Phone rings.......
Me: Hello?
Person: Hey. What's the name of the guy that was in the movie with John Travolta?
Me: Which movie?
Person: The one with the airplanes. They are in Arizona or Utah or something.
Me: Christian Slater. That movie is called 'Broken Arrow.' That wasn't a very good movie. Christian Slater is hot.
Person: Thanks. You are weird.

Call it a talent, blessing, curse, oddity, illness.........I love it. And thank you for calling to use me as your random celebrity catalog!!!!!!!!!!!!


Charlie Pulsipher said...

I get the random science questions. Ü

Thanks. You are weird.

Tiffani said...

HAHA!!! Yay. If I'm ever in the Cash Cab, you will be on my list of people to call.