Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Water Edition

It all started on Tuesday night. My room is not well insulated. In's horrible. I live in the upstairs bedroom and I have a bathroom up here. Well, Tuesday night is was so cold in this room that I went to bed with gloves on to stay comfortable.
Wednesday morning I woke up and had no water in the bathroom. Pipes frozen. I emailed two people that work in the front office. One responded and said she would submit a work order.
I went to work, came home and showered in Katie and Becca's shower downstairs. Nobody from the apartments came by.
Thursday, I went to work and I went online to submit another work order. The other girl responded and said she would submit one too and she would get back to me by the end of the day.
I came home to this:

I had gone to the store to get fun cereals and milk. I was going up the stairs with two gallons of milk, three bags, a space heater and a Bose speaker. My hands were FULL! 
The lady that lives downstairs followed me up the stairs telling me that her bathroom was getting wet and the carpets were getting wet. I kicked the front door. Nothing. I kicked the front door again. Nothing. The lady kept telling me to do something. So, I handed her two gallons of milk and opened the front door. 
It sounded like it was raining inside. I told the lady to follow me in and I took the milk back from her. I could see Becca in the bathroom bailing out the floor. There were mixing bowls all over the floor and water was coming down hard from the ceiling.
The lady told me to do something. I resisted the urge to slap her. 
Becca came out and told her we called the emergency line. She said she had too....and then she went away. 
So, Becca and I did some bailing together. Next door neighbor came by to warn us. "I think someone's pipes burst. Our bathroom is flooding."
I laughed like a crazy person and told him we knew. But, thank you for warning us.
I thought of the emergency water shut off. The rain stopped. We watched 'American Idol' and the emergency people finally came. 1 hour and 45 minutes later.
They have to call a plumber. No water. No bathrooms. 
We watched 'Bones,' packed up the cats and drove to the Banks' for the night. 
Woke up the next morning to this:

I told you this weather was crazy, right? So, we were stuck. Since I was at the boss residence, I still got to work for the day. Katie and Becca shoveled the driveway and they made their way home around 3pm. 
The plumbers were there! They fixed one pipe. Then said the other one was too far back. They had to some back tomorrow..............(I found this out after I was already half way home. Driving 20mph in the ice and snow. Only SUVs were driving the actual speed limit)
We went to use the restroom in the gym. Katie went to work. Becca and I walked back to the gym at 10pm to use the restroom one more time. The fire alarm was going off and the fire department was there trying to get into the main building. 
Pipes burst. Sprinkler going off..........flooding...........
So! They came back on Saturday and fixed the other pipe. Said they would be back in 20 minutes. They turned the water back on, told us we would have hot water in about 45 minutes and they left.
The ceiling started leaking again. Katie turned the water off. Becca went to look for the men...............said they would come back tomorrow.
So, here I sit, waiting for them to come back again. And hopefully this time it will work. It is Super Bowl, I sort of wonder if they will try very hard to get here. 
But, I'm trying to keep a good attitude and I'm trying to keep hope alive!

My goodness, Winter, you can be cruel!


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Tiffani said...

HOLY CRAP!!! I'm so sorry. What an epic saga of winterness!