Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two Dreams:

Okay, last week......I had the plague. It was not awesome. Being sick brought on some pretty strange dreams during the week. I present YOU (The Audience!) with these two-

Thursday Night:

I had a dream that Poseidon was a woman. She was chasing after me and trying to drown me because she wanted to steal my lungs. She wanted human lungs so that she could kiss Ethan Hawke.
Female Poseidon carried a picture of Ethan Hawke around with her everywhere she went. It was a pic of him during the "Reality Bites" days. I kept trying to tell her that he didn't look like that anymore. He had gotten older...and might not be to her liking.
She called me a liar and sent water demons after me. She actually sent some pretty scary stuff after me.

When I first woke up, I felt like I had a nightmare. It took a while for my breathing to even out. And then I thought more about the dream and thought it was really funny.

Friday Night:

I had a dream I got a job working for Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Tico Torres. (I have no idea why they were working together. I don't even know what my job title was in the dream. But, if they do get together for something......maybe I predict the future! Also, yes, I dream about famous people all the time.)
They gave me a hard time. All the time. Most of the dream was them making fun of me and telling me I couldn't handle the job because I was too disco. Joe Perry was the worst. He wasn't nice at all.
Well, I got really discouraged because I felt like I couldn't do my job right with all the hell they were giving me.
Then my dad showed up to visit me at work one day. He had dreadlocks.
"Wow, Dad. What are you doing?"
"I came to visit you at work!"
"No, I mean your hair."
"Oh. Parade me in front of your boss. I came to show them you have rock n' roll in your blood."

My dad is awesome in real life too.


Charlie Pulsipher said...

Those both were amazing! I giggled through the first one.

Tiffani said...

HAHAHA!!! These couldn't be more Leah.