Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Leah Goes to Court

So...I went to court this morning. I survived!

I got pulled over a few weeks ago. Not for speeding! My inspection sticker was expired and my license plate cover was covering over half the Texas. I did not know this was illegal. Also, I think it is kind of dumb. But, that isn't the story.
Well, I paid the inspection sticker ticket (cause I knew that was a problem) and then I requested a court date to fight the other thing.
I explained to the judge the situation...and he said, "that is no excuse. It is in the handbook."

So, I didn't win. Le sigh. But, here's my question....have any of you actually read the handbook of driving laws that go with the state you live in? Maybe you should!!! (Maybe.....)


1 comment:

Tiffani said...

I have due to the test I had to take for my job. So much crazy in there. So much crazy. Glad you survived!!