Sunday, May 2, 2010


So, today I took the kids to church. (I'm watching Cathi and Philip's kids while they are in Jamaica) I dropped R off at 201 and then I drove up to the main building to park.
It didn't take long to get T signed into class and he ran upstairs. I was, I decided to go sit down and play a game of Freecell on my iTouch.
Now...for those of you that don't know....I've been going to a Non Denominational Christian Church off and on. The Worship band will play instrumental music for a bit before we begin the service. I sat down...started playing a game....and started singing along with the instrumental music. I sang three lines of the song before I realized that I was sitting in church singing a Metallica song. The band was playing "Unforgiven"..............

Interesting. Something I never thought I would say, "I sang Metallica at church today." What did you do?


Fabulous Terrah said...

Thats bad ass.

Singletonmd said...

I am so IN!! That sounds awesome.