Thursday, April 22, 2010


Today is my birthday. I'm very excited that it is my birthday, but my thoughts are elsewhere today. My thoughts are with people that I love.
Sometimes I don't understand the world. Sometimes I don't understand how people can grow up with teachings of Jesus and still be filled with so much hate for other human beings.

Last night I was wandering around Facebook and reading the first of my birthday wishes when I came across Ryan's status. He said that he and Kevin were healing well and thanked people for their love and support. I went to both Kevin and Ryan's pages and did some research to find out what had happened to my wonderful friends.
I don't understand the world sometimes.

For my birthday....I hope you all spread some love. Every good story is about love, right? Every good song, poem, and movie has love somewhere in it.

Anyway....I love my family and friends. Thank you for your birthday wishes on Facebook, my cell phone, in the mail and all that goodness.

I love my Kevin and my Ryan and wish them good healing and fantastic love.


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Tiffani said...

What the Fa?!!! I had no idea! Poor Kevin and Ryan! I can't believe this is still something that happens. Love, love, love PEOPLE! Just love or....mind your own damn business! Oh this makes me so sad.