Friday, February 26, 2010

Sharing Time...

Good Morning!

I wrote the following poem about four years ago. I was looking for another poem in my computer when I came across this one. I love it. But, I need to start making notes about where some of these come from. I wish I remembered what started my rant.

Enjoy...maybe you can make some guesses! I was living in Arizona at the time. Huh. That might answer the question.....

The Bastard We Dream About

By Leah Wuergler

Art is suicide if loving another is my medium

To dive into a canvas with every color inside…

those colors don’t spread with water and heat

the way kisses melt in passion and adoration.

It’s time we got tired of watching the sunset and never watching it rise…

Yet, how can we see anything through the blood in our tears…

My tears, you don’t cry.

Love is murder if loving another is your job.

To get suited up for work and make all the right motions…

I wonder how everyone still gets promotions

When the job is never completed…skimmed.

It’s time someone understood the moon turns the tide.

Yet, how can we believe in gravity if we never hold each other…

My arms, you don’t touch.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bad Hair Day...

....and this is how I feel about it. =)

I think I had this expression on my face all morning. So, I finally took a picture of I could laugh at my sour puss face.

I got a haircut on Saturday and I'm still learning what to do with it. Today didn't work out for me...but, now I can go to work with a giggle and a smile instead of ------>

That is all. =)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here's the thing...

I just want to know where to find them. Where do single guys with tattoos hang out? Is it too much to ask for the location where they congregate?
Now, I'm sure I could find a bunch of them as some random bar. But, I don't really like bars. In fact...(now that I think about it) I really don't like bars.
Here's what I'm looking for (besides George Clooney): A single guy, loves Jesus, reads, has some tattoos, red hair would be a bonus, likes movies, doesn't like dumb movies, has a fair knowledge of cars but doesn't talk about cars like there isn't another subject on the planet, likes cheese, tells jokes, laughs a bunch, loves Jesus, won't judge me for eating peanut butter for breakfast, and enjoys a good hug.
Maybe I'm asking for too much. Or....maybe I'm not asking for too much, but I should stop eating peanut butter for breakfast. (I ran out of peanut butter yesterday.....I need more peanut butter)

Okay. Now I have vented. Thank you for your time.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow in Texas...

Today it is snowing in Texas. Quite a bit....for Texas.

Katie, Becca and I were watching the news this morning and watching the list scroll across the bottom with all of the schools that have closed for the day. We were joking about how school in Utah wouldn't even close if we opened our front doors and four feet of snow fell into the entry way. We had to go.

It's funny. I guess I spent too much time in Utah and California. Does anyone else remember the earthquake drills in California schools? Those were the days.

Anyway, I was just watching the snow fall outside and thinking about how different the states I have lived in react to different kinds of weather. I've lived in California, Utah, Texas, Arizona and Virginia. I was pondering. That's all.....pondering while on hold.....

Later peoples!

Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Grammys

My thoughts....

1. Maxwell is still sexy.
2. Lady Gaga has serious clothing issues.
3. Beyonce shouldn't sing Alanis songs.
4. That Michael Jackson song is really beautiful.
5. I'm so glad Stephen Colbert won!!!
6. Fergie's outfit during their performance looked really uncomfortable.
7. Taylor Swift can sing?
8. I love Robert Downey Jr.
9. I want SOOOOOOOOO badly to be in the Green Day musical.
10. BON JOVI!!!

I had many more thoughts...........but, those are the ones that stuck with me during sleepy time. Maybe I will add more later.