Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Katie!

I hope you enjoy being 31. I have to hasn't been my favorite. But, I bet it will suit you just fine! Also, I'm thinking my last few months of being 31 will be wonderful because you and Becca will be here in Dallas. HOORAY!
I'm glad you were born. Will you thank your parents for me?
Today I had eggs, sausage, country potatoes and fruit for my Katie Breakfast. I also went and got some coffee and made a wish for you over a ding dong. Don't worry! I made an awesome wish. If it comes will like it......
Happy Birthday. You are loved and you are fabulous. Fabulous is always a nice thing to be, don't you think?


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FabulousTerrah said...

I liek to think so. ;) Happy birthday Katie!