Wednesday, October 21, 2009

He is a great Mouse!

Hello! So...I'm the luckiest girl in the world (just so you know). I got to go to DisneyWorld and DisneyLand in the same year. It was my first time at DisneyWorld...which I'm sure you know cause I blogged about it like there was no tomorrow!
But, this was not my first time to Disneyland. In fact, when I was a kid, we went at least once a year. It was magic.
Have I mentioned I love Disney? Magic.
Halloween Time at DisneyLand is just about my favorite time of year. (It comes second to St. Patrick's Day) The Haunted Mansion becomes a playground for the "Nightmare Before Christmas" characters and THIS YEAR THEY CHANGED Space Mountain as well. I'm sorry to yell, but it was just about the coolest Space Mountain has ever been. It's really a shame they will change it back in November.
The other spectacular thing about this trip was that I reunited (and it feels so good) with a bunch of my very best friends from college.
These are my ladies:

I got there on Thursday and we ate dinner at Downtown Disney. It was a simple pretzel dog, but I just wanted to be down there to get into the atmosphere and start feeling the MAGIC!
Did I mention I love Disney?
We wandered through the stores and blah blah blah.....
Friday was showtime! And...more of our group arrived as well. We spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday wandering around the Magic Kingdom and California Adventure. I think we did Space Mountain at least three or four times.
I even sprained my ankle on Friday and spent the rest of the weekend limping around in glee. Nothing could stop me! Well...I did miss out on California Screamin' cause of my ankle. But, Becca and I sat on a bench and enjoyed watching all the people wander around. It was the annual Gay Days celebration and the Utah Education Association was there as well. So! There was plenty of people watching to be had...

I actually didn't see very many characters this year. But, the villains were out! That is another reason I like Halloween Time at Disneyland...The Evil Queen will be wandering around the park with Captain Hook...
My friend, Tiffani, got a great picture of Captain Hook. It really does look like he is talking to the Queen of Hearts about how useful his hook is...

Alice was everywhere! Probably because we are getting close to the new movie coming out. She was very polite.
I know that some people feel like there is more to do in DisneyWorld because it is bigger. But, I have to tell you...I have never been bored at DisneyLand. I have never felt like there wasn't enough to do! There is something about that park, small it may be, that is full of the childlike joy and excitement that Disney is constantly bringing into our lives.
I want to go back...who's with me?

Dear Rain...

Seriously? I mean...I understand we need moisture. But, are you mad at Dallas or something? Are you mad at fall?'s the thing: I like you rain. Back in the day I even loved you........but, this is getting super old and I am over it.
The past couple of days of sunshine have been wonderful. People were just getting comfortable and enjoying the change to fall! I mean...come on! FALL!

In other news...I'm going to Mexico next week with my brother. You will probably be there too, rain. But, I'm not mad about that. Rain at the beach is lovely. Lovely. Lovely.

In conclusion...rain....rain...go away.

Thank you,


Friday, October 16, 2009

Dear Fall...

You are one saucy minx. I am wearing long sleeves, but I don't have to. I still have on capris. You tease. I love you. I love how you play around with warm and cool weather and keep us all guessing. I wish I lived near the mountains so that I could watch the colors change. I love you. I am currently in a very serious relationship with TV...but, if it doesn't work out. I'll give you a call.