Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two tickets to Paradise!

Pack your bags! Wait...I just unpacked. Good song though!
I went to Cancun with my sister in law Aug 6-9. It was amazing. I love Cancun and think it is amazing just about every time I go..............but, this time was different. This time was blissful and unreal.
We stayed at the El Dorado Maroma! It's an adults only all inclusive in the Riviera Maya. When you arrive they hand you a glass of champagne and welcome you to paradise. Let me tell you...let me say words to you and have you hear me! They aren't kidding around.
This was the most beautiful resort I have ever been to. As a travel agent I get to travel quite a bit...and I'm sure I will see many more wonderful things. But, I wonder if anything will ever compare to the El Dorado Maroma.
The beach was soft white sand, the water was clear and you could walk out so far! The Marina Maroma is next door...but, I'm surprised about how little noise you hear from the boats and jet skis.
Now, you all know I like food....................but, can I tell you how much I like gourmet food? PEOPLE! I even at seafood over the weekend. I had clams, lobster, something that was slightly crunchy, shrimp and Mahi Mahi! Now, will I be eating seafood again in the near future? NO. The slightly crunchy thing scared me, but the lobster was pretty good!
I will say that there were times I wished my brother could be there with my sister in law instead. The resort is so full of romance! But, there were also times when I wished I had a special someone to share it with as well.
The staff was amazing and attentive...I can't say enough about my trip. I can't say enough about how well we were treated and how much I want to go back tomorrow.
Get your tickets! If you get what you pay for.....then pay for paradise and travel without a care in the world! It's the only way to go!!!

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