Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good Idea?

Maybe not.

I started reading the Harry Potter books again. I'm just at the end of "Goblet of Fire."
I loved the new movie. But, I think I loved it for the wrong reasons.
Let me back up! I did not start reading the books until the third movie came out. Katie went to see the movie and told me that is was a MUST that I read the novels. The third movie left out way too much information that she deemed important. I believed her and borrowed her books. I could NOT PUT THEM DOWN.
I will admit that when I waited in line at midnight to purchase the 7th book........but, I did not dress up. (Should have taken pictures though)
Anyway...the point is....I became a gigantic fan. The movies became fun because those kids are perfect casting. But.....perfect casting because of looks does not always make for good acting. (Not that I think they were ever bad actors. Just awkward. Awkward is the best way to describe it)

Why does it take me forever to get to a point? Sheesh. The reason I liked the new movie so much was because I finally believed those kids! They were on the money....I was sucked in and taken away! So, it didn't bother me that they skipped so much of the book.
But, because they skipped so much I decided I wanted to re read everything. (This is my third time reading them...and will not be my last)
So...............I'm wondering if it is the best idea now that I get closer to the sixth book. What if that will take away my love of the movie? Uh oh! Danger danger danger!

That is what I have been pondering. And now I have shared!

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