Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So, I'm eating breakfast this morning and walking back to the kitchen. Totally normal morning activity.
Now, once a week the people across the street have a group of guys come to take care of their lawn...also a totally normal activity.
Well, this morning, I am walking back to the kitchen and I notice the men have arrived. They are spreading out over the lawn with various tools in a regular "yard work" type fashion.
..............then I see the guy with the lawnmower...................he is wearing an old school diving helmet. ??????? He just has the helmet on. And a shirt and some jeans.
It's times like these that I sure wish I had a camera.

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Beka said...

I kinda think he did that because he wanted to freak out that weird lady who always ogles at him from across the street.
Just sayin.
Hey Leah! Are you ever in SG? Let me know if you are...we'd love to catch up!