Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Like a Cat on FIRE!

So...I'm a bit angry today. I am mad like a cat on fire. I guess I am also a bit sad like a cat of fire would be. Cause I like my fur...........and would love for it to stop burning.
The reason for my anger is this: I have this "friend" that has decided to lose contact with the majority of his "friends." When I was finally able to get a hold of him he told me that he had to put "bad influences" behind him and start anew.
Well, isn't that just fine and dandy? Which bad influences? Who? All of us?
The conversation went on...and got more annoying. But, I will leave that for another day. must be nice to blame all of your problems on other people. In fact, I have been thinking today about the things in my life that I can blame on other people. Here is a list for you -
I like theatre. My dad's fault.
I like cheese. Milk's fault.
I loooooove pirates. Captain Hook, Johnny Depp and Tiffani's fault.
I love movies. Dad's fault.
I live inside books. Writer's fault.
I hate it when people touch my laundry. Dorm laundry room fault.
I like George Clooney. I'm actually not sure who's fault that is.......God?
I keep my room VERY organized. Mom's fault.

Anyway.................the point is...................I can blame a LOT of things on a lot of people. But, it all comes down to this: The fact that I sin EVERYDAY is MY FAULT. I can't lay that blame at the feet of others.
It drives me crazy that this "friend" has left us behind because he has decided not to take responsibility for his own life. GAH!
I do love and miss him. But, maybe I don't need a friend like that.
I don't know. I just wanted to get that out so I can get back to work...and as Tiffani said, "put that kitty fire out."


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Beka said...

Because...Jesus only hung out with perfect people?

I don't get it either.