Friday, July 31, 2009

Home is...

....where the heart is? Then I have not been home in years. My heart is with these people: (Note: My Mom, Dad and older brother are missing from this photo.)

My heart is with my family, my heart is with Disney, my heart is with my friends, and my heart is always on the road. I did not want to come back to Texas! Even though it was hot and was magic for me.
Granted, I didn't like all of Disneyworld. I could have done without most of Animal Kingdom, I'm sad that Space Mountain was closed, I'm sad they didn't have the Indiana Jones ride....and I never found a churro. (Although, the cream cheese pretzel MORE than made up for the loss of a churro)
I'm actually hoping to get to Disneyland in October. I'm going to Cancun next week! I'm happier on the road. I love the adventure....but, my favorite part about being on the road is the learning.
I think that's why I spent so much of my life moving! New surroundings meant new people, new lessons, and maybe a new Leah. But, I didn't change....well, I guess growth is a change. But, I didn't change the way I set out to. I did learn though. I learned. But, I got sick of moving. The excitement of the new surroundings died after years of boxes, storage, buying and selling furniture, and job searching. Now I am in a place where I want to find a home off the road. Although, the need for new lessons and adventure will never leave me.
For heart is on the road. And until I get to Cancun next week........I will pine for my adventures in Florida at the second happiest place on Earth.

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Tiffani said...

Awww this was nice to read. Your family pic is GREAT!!!