Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 3: Animal Kingdom

I wish I had a better picture of this tree. The Tree of Life was amazing. But, I am going to be totally honest with you...I wasn't a huge fan of The Animal Kingdom.
Now, I want to make it perfectly clear......I love Disney. I will be a fan until the day I die (and then after I die I will probably search Walt out see if he wants to be friends). But, I know for a fact that Disney doesn't always get it right. And for me...this wasn't a very magical day. This was a zoo.....and Goofy and Donald happened to be there.....
Now that I have the negative out of the way....let me tell you about what I did like! The Dinosaur ride was EXACTLY like the Indiana Jones ride. I dug it. DUG IT.

I got bored waiting in line for the "Finding Nemo the Musical" and I made this! Wait....that's not true. But, this was near the line that I was standing in.
The musical was amazing. I didn't like all the songs, but the show wasn't about the songs! The costuming and the staging were wonderful. Good times.

The highlight of the day is a picture of me! No.....the Everest Expedition was a really surprising roller coaster. I had so much fun on that. And! They have the single rider line. So, get off the ride and then jump right back into line.

You know.......this could be part of the reason my day wasn't that magical. It did this for most of the day. I should have had my dad take a picture when he picked me up. I was would have been jealous. The wet rat look is so in season.

I had a staring contest with him.........well, the whole crowd around me did. He was not pleased. Can you see that he is not pleased? But, he walked away first! So, I win.

Wouldn't you walk away first too? That is a stare! Grrrrrrr!
(This is not when I was in staring mode. I just wanted to document my feelings about the rain)
I have to admit that I feel bad that I didn't really like this park. But, seriously, it just felt like a trip to the zoo.
Although, now that I say that......I did see Baloo today! He is my favorite Disney character and I have not seen him for YEARS! He was retired from the park in The Land long ago and I have missed him. (You may have been embarrassed to be in my presence when I saw him today) But, I got in line and the lady told me he wasn't seeing anymore people cause he had to get ready for the parade! Boo!
Anyway, tomorrow is family picture and MAGIC KINGDOM DAY! You can't even begin to fathom how excited I am. You just can't. I've already warned my nephew that we will be standing in line to take my picture with just about everyone we see......he laughed. I think he thought I was joking. Poor guy.

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