Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 1: Epcot!

I'm here! My parents arrived yesterday and by Sunday we will all be here. So, you will have to forgive my personal photo taking for the next couple of days. =)
Before I tell you about have GOT to see the before and after of my hair. My dad dropped me off and by the time he came back to fetch me....humidity had done some work on me. Enjoy!

Ha! I guess it doesn't matter what I do with my hair all weekend. Florida will take care of my curls. I hope I can tame them for the family photo! Sheesh!
Anyway, I loooooooved Epcot! I almost threw up on a mission to Mars. But, most of you know how I feel about Outer Space. So, it shouldn't surprise you that I couldn't keep my cool (even on a simulation!)
After Mars made me ill...I decided to go back in time and hang out with dinosaurs and learn about how energy has evolved. (At least I think that is what I learned. I was still having "I'M IN DISNEYWORLD" flutters.)

Then......I walked around the world! Man, do my feet hurt. (That may be an old joke, but it's the truth!)
I went on a Sea Journey through Norway, learned about French art, watched some amazing women play the drums in China, and talked to an English guy about tea.
Mostly I just wandered. Man...I was on a mission to find my roommate a gift. She loves, naturally, I went to Paris. But, I knew what I wanted to get her before I walked through the door and couldn't find it. Sad face.
So, I went to ask for ya do....and the employees all turned out to be French. You know what? I should have brought video with me. You would really have loved watching me try to ask Disney questions in French. We didn't go over Disney topics in high school or college. Popcorn worthy.

My dad took me on a tour to see some of the hotels in the area. The Wilderness Lodge was my favorite! I have some clients staying there I'm double excited for them!

We had dinner in Downtown Disney at a Cuban place called Bongos. Mmmmmmm! So tasty.

Today was a really great day! I'm so excited to be here and share my trip with my friends and my clients. Although, I have to tell you the far, Disneyland is still the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! Disneyworld comes in second.
But, tomorrow I am off to Hollywood Studios. We shall see how I feel after a ride on the original Tower of Terror!
Loves and CHEESE!

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