Thursday, March 19, 2009


I may be going insane. I'm not sure yet.....but, it may have happened earlier today.
I don't know if you remember (you few wonderful people that actually read my blog) a while ago when I sat at work screaming in my head.....
Well, today I was screaming, swearing, crying and doing back flips in my head. Not happy back flips....not "I just won a gold medal" back flips.....I was doing "I will key your car if you keep talking to me" back flips.
People amaze me. Sometimes people amaze me in a good I have been amazed in a BAD way.
I titled this blog "Blarg" because today I felt more like a pirate than I have in a long time. It feels like time to bring out the cannons!
I feel much better now. I love venting.

Also, last night...........very late............I gave in and joined Twitter. I joined to try and win backstage passes to a concert thing I'm going to in June. So, after that contest is over I may delete the account. But, until then:



Tiffani said...

Was it that stupid, dumb, stupid girl that talks too much about stuff she doesn't know about?

President Leah said...

Ha! No, it wasn't her...but she doesn't help!