Thursday, January 1, 2009 2009!

So...another year gone....and what have we learned?
Everything really is bigger in Texas. It is not comfortable to sleep with a fat cat sitting on your chest. Cancun is wonderful and beautiful. God is an artist. Some friends make the world go round!
What else..... work isn't always "work" and playtime is NOT always fun, but maaaaaan would I like more of it! Money is lame. Food is good. I should eat less food. I still love cheese more than most things on the planet. Reading is the best way to pass the time.....I didn't learn that last year (that has always been true for me). TV is not my friend, but I sure love to spend time with that stupid box. =)
The world needs more people like Zach Braff. Life is better because he is funny! Life is better because Hugh Laurie is Dr. House! See? I love TV...friend or foe.
I learned mucho about myself last year. Most important! I learned that turning 30 was not bad at all. I quite like being 30! Here's hoping I like turning 31.........
Now that we have reached the New Year...and I have lived through most of the first are the things I'm hoping happen in 2009:
That I enjoy turning 31
Be a more healthy person...without giving up cheese
Learn to trust in God more
Learn to trust myself more
Talk to that boy.......he is super cute.....I should talk to him
Figure out what is so great about a cruise
Always look on the bright side of do do do
Listen to some new music (I don't want to give up my music! I love it! I just want to find new stuff)
Find someone to cut my hair that understands what I want done with my hair!
Be happy
Be healthy
Be me....and make no apologies for it!

Anyway! There are tons of other things I learned last year............and a bunch more things I hope happen in the New Year, but I just wanted to share a bit with my peeps.

I love you peeps!

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ajd said...

you need to get in touch with adrian. he has opened my eyes to many wonderful things. I promise, you won't be disappointed.