Friday, January 9, 2009


I've probably been on some sort of "diet" since I was fourteen years old. You know...trying to eat right, trying to keep my food intake down (which I fail at all the time. My stomach is the never ending story), and all that sort of regular mish mosh that girls go through.
Well, now I'm a 30 year old pretend adult. I say pretend because...well, if you know me, it's true. In the last year I have finally started figuring out how to keep my weight under control! (I lost 50 pounds last year and then gained back ten during Turkey Day and Christmas)
I have finally figured out what I need to do....and it is hard and lame....but, I want to live long enough to date George Clooney. =)
Anyway, point is...I walked into the grocery store yesterday and had a major epiphany. The store has stocked the EASTER CANDY! CADBURY CREAM EGGS ARE IN THE WORLD AGAIN!
And this made me realize.....between Thanksgiving and Easter there should be NO SUCH THING as dieting! How can people in their right mind ignore the goodness of stuffing, mash potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, stocking stuffer candy, pecan pie...AND CADBURY CREAM EGGS???????!!!!!!!!??????
Between my birthday and Thanksgiving...the world is golden. There is nothing but barbecues going on...not much to worry about in the carb department. Unless I have ice cream problems (which has been known to happen).
I tell you people! The day after Easter I can shut off most of my food temptations. I think we should move Thanksgiving to the middle of the summer to break up the food holidays! Piisssshhhhha with history! This is for our health!
Anyway....I am ranting. I want 37 Cadbury Cream Eggs right this moment. It is a bad thing.


Adrian said... a row?

President Leah said...

maybe not in a row....but, near enough to me that it could happen...

Becca Rocks said...

Evil little eggs of tasty wonderful death, thst what I call them. Cadbury, what assholes!