Monday, January 19, 2009

Bad Friday

BAD! Naughty Friday!
So, last week was not the coolest week I have ever had. I was pretty stressed at work...and then Friday came. Friday was like a day of death. I felt like I couldn't get anything done...and the atmosphere in the office was thick and strange. Like stress was trying to eat some of us!
Anyway...I spent most of Friday sitting around screaming inside my head. It was not cool. On the way home I sang Metallica songs to make myself feel better. (Nothing like finally screaming out loud when you've done so much silent screaming)
It was nice to have a weekend of almost nothing to do. I went to church on Sunday and I had a LifeGroup thing on Sunday night. I don't think I really did anything other than was the PERFECT way to calm down after bad, naughty Friday. I am determined to make everyday this week a non scream day. No silent scream, no regular scream...... ALL GOOD WEEK! Let's go!

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