Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things...

I just posted this on Facebook.....I decided to put it up here as well. (Cause some of my silly friends aren't on Facebook yet!)

1.For the past month I wake up every morning with “Jack and Diane” stuck in my head.
2.When I really like a book I will read it over and over again. If I still like it the second time I will cast it as a movie before I read it the third time. George Clooney, Angelica Houston, Gerard Butler and myself are always in the cast. (Before Gerard Butler became famous it was Christian Slater…sorry Christian)
3.I have an idea for a movie. I want Dane Cook to help me write the script. Ben Stiller would need to be the director to help me pull it off the way I see it in my head.
4.I miss my cat, Smee, everyday.
5.Once a day I sing the alphabet in French in my head.
6.Once a day I sing the books of the New Testament in my head to see if I can remember the order.
7.I just did #6…..and I’m about to do it again just for kicks
8.Occasionally, when left alone with a pair of scissors, I decide it would be a great idea to give myself a haircut. I only did it once last year, and I’m going to try my hardest never to do it again. Cause…it never is a good idea.
9.I want to hug and kiss the person that invented reading and writing.
10.My pirate name, Captain Shakes McGee, comes from a combination of William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe’s names. One day I was trying to decide…”if I ever have twin boys and named them Shakespeare and Marlowe….what would the nicknames be?” I decided Shakes and McGee…then I liked it so much that I decided I was going to keep it. Besides, I don’t really know if I could be that cruel to children.
11.I have to have nicknames for everybody. If we are friends….I have a nickname for you. Even if you have never heard it…I love nicknames. They make me super happy.
12.The reason I call everyone “Katie Face” or “Something Face” is because for years my brother, Michael, referred to me as “Leah Head.” Then he switched to “Leah Face” and I thought that sounded much better. Then I stole it.
13.I don’t understand people that don’t like chocolate.
14.I REALLY don’t understand people that don’t like hugs.
15.I hate it when people interrupt my daydreaming.
16.I can’t stand the thought of someone touching my laundry. I don’t know why. Just get away from my laundry!
17.I believe in ghosts.
18.I really thought that by the time I was 30 I would have written my first novel. Now, I am almost 31 and I have written half of one novel, half a play, half a movie and 1/3 of another novel.
19.I guess that is why I stick to poetry. It’s easier to finish poetry. =)
20.I want to be an English teacher. But, I will be the English teacher you hate. My homework will be so random! It’s going to be fantastic!
21.Sometimes I tell strangers my name is Katie. In 1998 I went to New York with the Theatre and Dance Dept at Dixie College. Our big group split into some little groups and we were wandering around Times Square. Well, our group stopped near MTV Studios cause some of the girls wanted to get their chalk picture drawn. So, I’m standing there…and a homeless guy walks up to me. This was our conversation:
Him: What’s your name?
Me: Katie
Him: (by the way…he was holding a brown bag and he was drunk and smelly) Do you have a man to take care of you, Katie?
Me: What?
Him: You are beautiful. Beautiful girls need men to take care of them.
Me: Okay.
(And then he leaned in! I pulled back and turned my head and he planted a kiss on my cheek! At this point one of the teachers came over to my rescue)
Boyd: Can I help you?
Homeless: Are you Katie’s man?
Boyd: Katie?
(I nodded….homeless guy nodded)
Boyd: Yes. Yes I am.
Homeless: You take care of her! Take care of the beautiful lady.
Boyd: Okay. Thank you.
………….and homeless guy walked away. Ah, New York.
22.I can’t smell because of a head injury I had in May of 1998. Just a month after that New York trip!
23.I miss acting.
24.I am in the mood for ice cream right now.
25.My dream job would be to help Angelina Jolie save the world. And after I start working for her….I think we should wear capes and have superhero names. Superhero names coming soon….


Kate Daly said...

I love your number 25. And the fact that you bumped Christian Slater for Gerard Butler. I love you....check out my list of 25 ;)

Tiffani said...

I love this, truly love for your face!

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