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The Pirate Story

K, one more for today. For those of you that don't know...my best friend, Tiffani Mills, and I are pirates. We love pirates and most things having to do with pirates.
Well, when I met Tiffani in college she had a large pirate following (much like my LeahFederation). I didn't have a pirate following yet, but I did have a name and my Federation to back me. The war of the two pirates became another fun joke...because we are the very best at entertaining ourselves!
So, when Tiffani created a group on MySpace for our pirate war between Typhoon Tiffi and Shakes McGee...I decided to write a story to go with it with inspiration from my dear friend, Tiff!

The Story of how it all began

Shakes and Typhoon, the saga begins....by Leah Wuergler

In 1674, upon the Pirate Ship of Captain Pontificate, the first child born to sea took her first breath at the hull of the mighty sloop. It was this clear night in April that Master Gunner Michael and his bride, Sweet Sherry McGee, gave birth to Shakes McGee. Shakes was raised on the ship, never setting her feet on land until her sixteenth birthday when the Sloop came into port in the town of Bogenshire. It was there that she would first set eyes on the little girl that would become her greatest enemy.
Victoria the Wise gave birth to Tiffani Spifftopolous on June 15th, 1680. Victoria was living just outside of Bogenshire, and moved into the center of town shortly after Tiffani was born....to give her daughter a better chance at life. After getting a job with the town Magistrate, Victoria started teaching Tiffs about the world, and all the different cultures there in. Victoria wanted nothing more than for her daughter to grow up and take them both away. But, Tiffs had one love and that was the sea. It seemed that no matter what her mother taught her, if the lessons did not come back to the sea, Tiffs had no desire to learn. She picked up on everything quite fast and had an excellent memory, but her interest dwindled when her mother talked of cultures on land. Tiffs longed for one culture. She knew she would someday be a pirate. She just didn’t realize it would happen as soon as it did.....
Tiffs grew up fast and showed great signs of being just as wise as her mother. At the age of ten Tiffs came home to find her mother crying. The town Magistrate had thrown a pig into Victoria’s face with no explanation....and fired her. Young Tiffs told her mother that a Pirate ship had pulled into port and that this was a chance to escape…chance to put the town of Bogenshire behind them and start fresh. If they wanted to see the world, who better to see it with than pirates? Victoria felt this was a bit too violent of a lifestyle for her young daughter, but Tiffs quickly convinced her mother that violence lurked in every heart....one might as well surround themselves with people who will readily admit to their evil ways. Victoria agreed, and they were soon at port asking to speak with the Captain of the ship.
It was then that they first met. Shakes McGee and her father were making their way back to the ship from the pub. Victoria had gone aboard to speak to Captain Pontificate and left Tiffs to guard their things at the dock. Shakes caught a crewmember by the elbow and asked who the little girl was, the man explained the situation and went to find a whore. The two made eye contact across the dock...time seemed to stop and the air got thicker. Tiffs could see the anger behind Shakes’ green eyes. She knew she had done nothing to provoke the girl, but realized she had been staring at the awkward way the older girl’s legs seemed to tremble. Almost as if she thought the ground was still moving.
Instead of seem a fool in front of the older girl, Tiffs decided to be blunt. Tiffs sneered slightly at her. “Why are your legs shaking?” She asked.
“I’ve never been on land before. I’d wipe that look off your face, little one, have some respect for your elders.”
Tiffs rolled her eyes and said simply, “the tide will turn soon enough.” “What the hell does that mean?” Shakes demanded. Tiffs would say no more. It occurred to her that she didn’t really know what she meant, but it had been exactly the right thing to say at that moment. Often, Tiffs would have flashes of the future in her dreams and speech. Her mother called them premonitions. Tiffs didn’t know how she knew, but that sentence was of vast importance.
Tiffs turned her head to the sound of her mother’s voice and nodded in satisfaction when she heard they would be boarding. As she gathered all her things she caught a glance at Shakes over her shoulder. The short pirate was fuming, but some sort of gleam in those green eyes held a malice that Tiffs was almost positive would turn with the tides. She wasn’t sure when or how, but this was the beginning of something....of that she had dreamed.....of that she could count on.

Five years later, the two girls who never trusted each other, held each other on the eve of Captain Pontificate’s death. He had been like a father to them both, and even in their hatred they knew they needed each other in that moment. But, the next morning brought Shakes McGee the most terrible news she had ever heard. News that made Pontificate’s death pale to any tragedy known to man. Captain Pontificate had left the three ships to be captained by Tiffs. A fifteen-year-old slip of a girl. Three ships to be renamed and governed by her young hand. He left them with this creed......

To my Tiffi, as fierce and glorious as a Typhoon....care for these three ships, and the crews thereof, and you will never die. Live forever, as I longed to do....live forever, and be fierce till the tide turns you to land....and the land turns itself to dust.....and the oceans become the home to be governed and ruled with fire and tears. I give you these ships; because I loved your mother....and in turn....I loved you, her greatest treasure.

Legend says when ere these words are read one can hear the piercing scream of Shakes McGee....the last time she ever screamed in life. The echo of her final scream lives in the winds upon the sea. Because of that scream, Tiffs (who would now be forever called Typhoon Tiffi) told Shakes McGee and her family they could stay working aboard the ship. Tiffs did not trust her, but understood that her loss stretched back 21 years, far more than the blissful 5 years that Tiffs had known Pontificate. All seemed to be well for the next couple of years. Shakes and her family worked just as hard as they ever had. They caused no trouble, and were beneficial to the crew.
But, one night......during the summer of 1700, Shakes McGee and her family mutinied and stole away in Typhoon Tiffi’s beloved sloop. When the crew upon Tiffi’s frigate woke her with the news, they handed her this note....

Typhoon, you saw the future, you said the tides would turn. Did you see this coming? I was born on this ship, no matter what Pontificate said in his letter, this ship belongs to me and my blood. It has been blessed with my birth and with Pontificate’s word that we shall not die if it is taken care of. I shall roam these seas forever...the bane of your existence.....constantly turning your damn tide till I have settled my score. Till my blood runs clean of the stain you left when he loved you more. Are you ready, Typhoon? Captain Shakes McGee

Typhoon said nothing. She simply blew out her candle and went back to sleep. The crew went wild. No one could understand why the Captain did nothing to recover her ship. But, what they did not know is that Typhoon had seen this coming. Typhoon knew Shakes would not stay with her long, but she also knew that great things would come of this war**........but, she had promised Pontificate one thing the day that he died........the war between them would only be at sea. On land they would be the sisters he had always hoped they would be under his care.
So....the war began....and the war rages on.....yet....... Sometimes they can be seen on land together. It took Shakes almost a century to understand the promise Typhoon made to Pontificate, and in the end....her love for Pontificate made her realize that this was the wisest thing Typhoon had done in life. Typhoon often reminds Shakes that the decision was for both of them and was not really made by her alone. Other forces must be at work between them and these forces may never be understood.
The promise is honored....and only deep in their eyes can you see the mistrust and calculations when they meet on land. One has to pay close heed.......the war never really ends........good wars never really do.

** Legend also says that Pontificate left behind a curse. He knew Shakes and Typhoon would hate each other at sea, and he also knew they would love each other on land....even if only because he asked it so. But, to punish them.....the legend says....he left behind a curse so that one day they would learn the error of their ways. Half of their crews have to be the same pirates, because Pontificate believed that hatred for another person was just hatred for oneself.
So, the crews would have to war against themselves on the different ships. Pontificate hoped the curse would open up the eyes of his daughters one day. He loved them so......but knew they were blind. However, to protect his girls from mutiny....if a pirate betrays either of them....the promise is lifted from that pirate and they become mortal again.

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