Wednesday, November 26, 2008

For Memorie


I just got off the phone with you! And as per our conversation...I will be dedicating this blog post to you! Today I shall speak of the things of our is all about...

"The Life and Times of Pot and Pan"
by Leah...Chunk #2

1. I still remember the night we met in high school. How bitter and peeved we both were at our Moms for 'deciding' we were going to be friends. (Did we ever thank them?) I was so nervous when you came to pick me up for the back to school dance. What if we hated each other? What if we had nothing in common? I remember thinking your dad was funny, and your brother was cute...and that your clothes were rad, but I was still nervous.
And then we got to the dance...and you started to dance! Actually dance at a school dance! You didn't sit around by the walls and chat...or wander around flirting with the jocks...or stare at your shoes. You danced. I think that was all it took. We danced...and we were friends.
2. And we were crazy! I remember skipping down the halls in high school and stopping at people's lockers to sing Christmas Carols to September.
3. Making up songs and dances about boys we thought were cute. Tia and I made up less appropriate songs, but they were all funny.
Well, to be fair...I guess not everyone thought we were funny. We did get in yelling matches with the jocks at dances. We did crash other high school dances and discover that those jocks didn't like us either. Huh. I can only think of five or six of the jock types that did like us. Interesting.
4. We had the best sleep overs! Popcorn with so much butter I'm surprised we are still alive..."Anne of Green Gables"...and our own brand of funny. You would let me sing Disney songs to you.
6. Oooooo...I remember the time we broke into your house because we wanted a piece of cake.
7. Did I mention we had an unhealthy love for butter?
8. College dances! That one year that we went to the Dixie College Halloween football players DID like us. Hee hee. I think my favorite dance to this day was the BYU Homecoming we crashed in jeans and t-shirts with Tia and Michelle. I need to find those pictures again. I know I have one framed somewhere.

We have always had fun. You have always been one of my favorite people. I know we had a few years that we lost, but it doesn't matter. When we finally did get to talk again and see each other was like nothing had happened...we just had more to catch up on than usual. =)
I miss you. I miss you everyday. I'm glad we still talk on the phone...and even after all the years and all the distance...we still have something very important in common: We are rad.

Love you!


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