Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Federation of Me...

Before I give you the list...here is a brief history of the LeahFederation:

In December of 2002 my friend Brett and I were chatting online and waiting for midnight to hit to wish each other Merry Christmas. During the conversation we somehow got around to talking about all of my MANY nicknames. I made a comment having something to do with having so many nicknames they should just call me a Federation of Leahs.
Well, Brett said he would join a Leah Federation...and that gave me an idea. The LeahFederation was born...and to my utmost surprise and joy...many of my friends wanted to join. Even my family joined! It became a fun joke during college and it still lives on!

The following list contains the positions and codenames of most of the Federation members. New members are joining everyday....so the list will grow and soon we will be stronger than most forces on the planet and moon. This way you will be able to get to know your fellow Federation members and discuss with them the jobs they do.
The Leah Federation
President: Leah W...Shakes McGee,The Music Killer, Duchess of Claymore
Vice President: Debbie D ...Bigger Diamond
CEO: Mike W...Pappy McGee
Chief Financial Officer: Sharon W...White Diamond
Anger Management: Brett I...The Destroyer
Federation Avenger: Katie F...Dame Katie
Resident Thug: Sarah L...Amazon Goddess
Industrial Spy: Mark W...Concealment
Duchess of Protocol: Brady V...Ingrid Gryzmyer
Court Jester: Tiffani M...Typhoon Tiffi
Intimidating Bartender: Jack S...Texas Shocker
Presidential Engineer: Tia W...The Bee
Treasurer: Tiffany C...The Finger Painter
Burner of Small Towns: Cassandra C...Cassinator
Sniper: Wendy P...Magnum Leopardess
Hair Stylist: Kate C...She Who Shall Not Be
Burninator: Zane P...Trog of Door
Positions Expert: Chris B...Kama Sutra
Chaplain: Andy H...Lazar Daddy
(Position Top Secret): Michael W **No Codename Yet
Managing Director: Sara G...Green England
Entertainment Director: Joey S **No Codename Yet
Interior Design: Becca F **No Codename Yet
Head of Security: William L,..Boulder McBigHuge
1st Mate Security: Ian D...Nigel Ipswitch
Hardcore: TJ P...MoHawk Jones
Lead Jedi Ninja Spy: Drew S...Steel Von DarkCyde
Make-up Artist: Jaynann D...Jebidiah Avon
Costumer: Elisa H **No Codename Yet
Bread Maker: Ashley H **Codename Lost
Choreographer: Kevin B...Fluffy McFlufferson
Manager of Sarcastic Affaire: Ryan "Rev" M...Biship Nefarious
Stow Away: Melissa S **No Codename Yet
Caretaker of First Knowledge: Brent B...KIN (Knight of Ignoble Nothingness)
Jeweler: Becca W...Fortnight 


beccawilcox said...

ok, no fair, I clearly remember joining this back in da day.

Cassandra said...

YES! I'm still a member!!!!!