Sunday, November 30, 2008

A bit of Bah Humbug

This will not be the first time you hear me say Bah Humbug during the season. But, I found this picture earlier and thought it was super funny. It is funny to me for the following reasons...
1. It could be proof that I have always been moody about Christmas.
2. That is my sister in the Santa suit.
3. My brothers are wearing footy pajamas.
4. I am wearing pink. That fact alone could explain the expression on my face. 

Some people may ask why I don't like, I shall explain. I don't like what has happened to Christmas. I love Jesus, I love that he was born, I love big warm blankets, hot chocolate, being around friends and family, comfy pants to watch TV in while drinking hot chocolate...and thinking about love and joy.
I do NOT love shopping, kids freaking out because they aren't getting the most expensive stuff, people yelling at each other in the mall because they grabbed that last box first, people forgetting Jesus because Santa brings stuff...and Jesus doesn't come in a big cool box. 
I guess I get all Scrooge during the holiday season because I feel like the holiday I remember is lost.
My dad would read Luke 2 to us...we would have PLENTY of warm beverages, sit around with throw blankets, talk again about what we were thankful for...and have tasty food all day long.
Anyway...I'm sure not everyone has lost the season. And maybe if I ever have a family of my own I'll be able to find the season again. It's still there in my heart! Even if I have my Scrooge face on...
Now I'm rambling...I really just wanted to share a funny picture. Le sigh. 

Much love. I wish you joy. I wish you comfy pants.

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