Saturday, January 30, 2016

2016. Yo.

Whoa. People.

I guess my blog is still under construction. I only blogged twice last year! I have sadness in my heart parts about that.

But, now we are in a New Year...and I can very quickly beat last year's blog total. So, no need to even feel competitive about that. (Not that I get competitive very often...)

This first month of 2016 FLEW by. I'm not going to lie, I did not like this first month. I was in deep mourning for a few people that I never met, I had ridiculous car trouble ( THAT BETTER BE OVER), and I was probably too hard on myself in my new job. I had no chill, as they say. January had no chill (besides the temperature).

I can't believe how fast it has gone. But, GET GONE! I'm ready for February. I'm ready for 2016 to have good and glorious things. I'm ready to dry clean my coat and put it away. (You hear that, Mother Nature? Spring this puppy up!)

I don't know what Spring this puppy up means. But, seriously. Can we just have hoodie weather for the rest of winter? So. Over. It.

If you had a better January than me, I want to hear about it! I love to hear happy and wonderous things.

OOOOO! Speaking of. Let me tell you the one thing I DID like about this month. Off the Cuff celebrated 12 years of funny magic! My favorite improv community has been around long enough to start the seventh grade! (I hope puberty doesn't make us any more awkward than we already are....)
Isn't that wonderful and exciting? IS IT! DON'T YOU EVEN PRETEND TO HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT.

See? There is always something good, even in all the bad. Always.

YAY! Now, cheers to having so much good in February...........the bad feels like it is drowning.

*clapping emoji*

Monday, August 10, 2015

Missing in Blog Action

This blog is under construction. 

Well, the author of this blog has gone missing or something. So, let's pretend the blog has been under construction since January. 

Okay. Okay. I'm the author of the blog. I'm not missing. I've just gotten blog lazy. I'm trying to find the cure for blog laziness. If you have any ideas of where this cure can be found...or how this cure can be found...please let me know.

Thank you. The end.

Friday, January 23, 2015

New Year. New Things.

Hello, Internet! The first month of the New Year is almost over. How do you feel? Do you feel older? Younger? Healthier? Resolution-y-er?

I don't have resolutions this year. Well, I kind of do...I'm just calling them goals. Goals makes it sound more important to me. We all know we throw most of our resolutions out the window by February. So, this year = GOALS!
Would you like to know what they are? If you don't, this would be a good time to stop reading. they are:

1. Stop eating red meat.
2. Create outlines for my four book ideas.
3. Really get started on one of those book ideas.
4. Move to Utah.
5. Start working on, FINALLY, getting my teaching certification.

I've starting working on all four of these. Number four will be complete in April. Number one makes me sad when I'm ordering burritos.....but......I fight on.

So. GOALS. Here we go..............let's go.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


I'm a bit in love with the art of tattoos. I love watching tattoo shows for a few reasons.....

1. I love seeing how different artists can make the same thing come to life, but make that thing unique with the different artists visions.
2. I am totally in awe of the people that are brave enough to be models for those shows. That is FOREVER.....and what if you get the horrible guy that is going to go home that week? How do you mentally prepare yourself for a six hour sitting that might have a sad ending?
3. I love the judging portion. I love listening the professionals explain why something isn't right or why it is great. I love hearing them go over the ART of it.

Really, I just love art. And I guess I love that the human body can be a canvas.....there are people out there with such great tattoos.....they are like walking museums.

And I can't get enough.

But, I was thinking the other day about how much tattoos hurt. Don't let people lie to you. It doesn't always hurt that bad, but it does hurt. Someone is digging into your skin with a needle and that is GOING to hurt. I hate it when people say that it doesn't hurt.....or should I be jealous? I don't know.

As I was thinking about the pain of a tattoo, my brain started pondering the fact that people PAY TO GET HURT. People who wish for a quality tattoo will save up money for a period of time and then PAY AN ARTIST TO HURT THEM. Sometimes for hours on end! SOMETIMES HOURS ON END FOR DAYS!

Isn't that amazing? To me, this is an amazing thing. I mean, I think the pain is worth it. If you are really excited about a tattoo, you are going to endure the pain to earn that beautiful piece of art that you will have forever's worth it. It's just an interesting thing to think about.

That's all. Just sharing my ponders. You know, like I used to do....before I sort of forgot I had a blog. (Sorry, Blog. I didn't mean to abandon you.)

Saturday, October 4, 2014



Where did I go?

I should come back.

I'll go find me and tell me I need to write a blog.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Song of Angry Brick House

I wrote a poem yesterday. I'll let you read it. But, FIRST! Let me tell you how this poem was born.


So, yesterday, I was talking to a customer about tickets for "In the Heat of the Night". This, OF COURSE, led to me thinking......
"They call me, MR. TIBBS!"

If you didn't also think that, well, I don't know what is wrong with you.

So, I got off the phone and couldn't stop thinking that line. That led to me thinking about frustration. Frustration led to me thinking about.........
"Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men....."

Now, I don't know why my brain went that way. Just let it happen. But, be prepared for it to get even more random.......
"Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of SHE'S A BRICK HOUSE!"

WHAT?! I don't know. But, then I created a new melody for my randomness (which means I was pretending to be an opera singer in my head)......which led to me pulling out a piece of paper and writing down this:

I do not mean this song to be cold.
But, you're too wrapped in your lust
      to be of much use to the bold.
If all your wish is to be better,
let me suggest you get out
     of bed before you let her
        rule your every moment.
Too much time spent-
     in your lust.
No time lent-
     to our trust.
I do not mean this song to be old.
But, you've yet to believe
      the words you've been told.

So...that happened. Inspiration can come from anywhere, right? Does the inspiration always have a logical explanation? Not. At. All. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On My Own

***This was written in 1994. I wanted to write my own version of the song from Les Mis. seems I was an angry little monkey.***

Leah W.

So What?
I don't hear you,
I speak for myself.
I am myself!
Live my life on my own,
Keep your opinion 
to yourself.

This is my life,
my test,
my playground,
my prerogative. 
Stay away, let me be!
I don't need your ideas,
I am me,
I have my own.

So what?
Go away, give me space,
let me think
on my own.

Monday, July 28, 2014


A 2 Voice Poem
Leah W

The most horrible beast                    The most promising creature
   a carnivore of power
                                                              a vessel of love
   a being of hate
        hate                                                   love
We are empty and cold                     We are full of warmth
       kill or be killed
we steal, take, and pilfer                    we give, share, and own
life, love, and hope                            life, love, and hope
       we are blind                                      yet, we are blind
we cannot see that                             we cannot see that
     We Cannot Win                                 We Cannot Win
                                                          all must come to an end
we are killing ourselves
with the rest
     slowly                                                 slowly
                                                          we give our lives
we die                                               and we die
for nothing
                                                         for everything
we are                                              we are

***I found a book filled with my poetry and stories from college. EXCITING! (These were mostly assignments in my various poetry classes. And now they will make my blog famous.......right? RIGHT?!) I didn't write dates on them. But, I do know that it was somewhere in the 2000-2004 range.***


Leah Wuergler

Blood runs through your veins like a wild brush fire,
Your heart pumps excitedly in response.
Your head spins and you're sure your stomach will burst.
You run your lines through your head for the tenth time,
as the curtain opens with a slow melodic pace.
There they are, the critics, the families, 
the people you know and love, and don't care much for.
You are so sure they are scrutinizing your ever move,
your every breath.
You want so much to please, so much to entertain.
They roll through emotions with you,
with the person that is not you.
If you falter, it is lost.

The end has come, you made it through.
The drapes come, blocking the crowd from view.
Relief flows through you, like water killing the brush fire.
Pride and exultation wash your face.
Applause still echoes in your ears and in your soul.
Then you go to Denny's.

***I found a book filled with my poetry and stories from college. EXCITING! (These were mostly assignments in my various poetry classes. And now they will make my blog famous.......right? RIGHT?!) I didn't write dates on them. But, I do know that it was somewhere in the 2000-2004 range.***

Never and Always

Never and Always
Leah Wuergler

I never sleep, for sleeping is not living.
I always sleep, for dreaming is my life.
I never live, for reality is my fear.
I'm always afraid, for reality is everywhere.
I'm never alone, for my mind keeps me company.
I'm always alone, for my mind is always gone.
I'm always happy, for life is good.
I'm never happy, for life is long.
I always smile, so no one knows.
I always laugh, so no one knows.
I always, for I never.

***I found a book filled with my poetry and stories from college. EXCITING! (These were mostly assignments in my various poetry classes. And now they will make my blog famous.......right? RIGHT?!) I didn't write dates on them. But, I can narrow it to 2000-2004.***